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(a) Eligibility for Central Common Entrance Test (CET)

  • Candidates who have completed their Three Year Graduation/ Post Graduation in any faculty from the refognized University or any cource for which Maharashtra Government has given equivalency with Graduation. The candidates belonging to open category who have secured minimum 50% marks (Marks obtained in between 49.5% to 50% will be considered as 50%), and those candidates belongings to Backward Class Category (SC, ST, VJ-A, NY-B, NT-C, NT-D, OBC, SBC.) who have secured minimum 45% marks (Marks obtained in between 44.5% to 45% will be considered as 45%) and candidates from out side Maharashtra Universities belonging to all category who have secured minimum 50% marks (Marks obtained in between 49.5% to 50% will be considered as 50%.) at graduare or post graduate degree will be eligible to appear for CET examination and admission.
    The candidates having two years or one year degree course. (Excluding Open University) will not be eligible for B.Ed. Admission.

  • Candidates who have completed their degree from the universities which give Grades instead of marks will have to attach a certificate of equivalent Marks shown against the grades from the competent authority of the University/Department. Candidates will have to attach the decoding list where the Codes are given to the subjects.

  • The merit and minimum eligibility criteria will be decided by considering the total percentage of marks secured by the candidat at the degree level. (Considering the additional marks given by university) (e.g Some universities award degrees by considering the marks of three years, while some award degrees on the basis of consolidating Two years' marks and some award degrees on the basis of the marks obtained only inb the Third Year.) The calculation of marks at degree level will be done as per the pattern of awarding grade/class adopted by the concern University. In case of Open university, the calculation of marks will be as per adopted pattern of concerned Open University.

(b) For In Service Teachers

  • To comform about Candidate is contiinuin his services and has completed service of 2 years has to provide Experience Ceritifcate.
    Experience certificate must be signed by concern Head of the Institute/Headmaster and same is to be counter signed by Education officer. In case of Central/CBSE school teachers has to get counter signed by competent authority. In case of Ashram school teachers Tribal Project offucer or equivalent officers certificate is essential.

  • If Appointment order issued by Headmasted, it is necessary to submit letter from Chairman of Institute stating that Headmaster is authorised to sign such a letter.

  • A Relieving Letter from Institution/Head Master stating candidate is in service and relieved for B.Ed. course in the year 2013-14. The In service Teacher candidate submitting above document will not have binding of minimum score stated in Rule 2.1(a)(1)

Following services will not be considered

  • Nursery/K.G/Preprimary/Anganwadi/Balwadi etc. equivalent Experience
  • Honorary (except 'Shikshak Sevak' appointed in the basis of honorium.)
  • Part-time
  • for Experiencem
  • without pay
  • Clock hour basis


  • The candidates who have appeared for Degree Examiniation held in March/April 2013 are eligible to appear for the CET. The candidates whose result are declared bedore the schedule of fillinf of Option Form and who are qualified as per Rule 2.1(a) and for English Medium 6.1(b) and those who will fil; in the Option Form will be included in the Merit List.

  • The result of Graduation of those candidates are declared whilethe process of admission is on, can fill up the Option Form who are qualified as per rule 2.1(a) and for English medium 6.1(b), after declaration of their result. The names of the such candidates will be included in the further admission Process. Such candidate can not claim his/her seat according to merit in the admission process conducted before his/her filling up the Option Form.